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3D inspection of car parts.

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The 3D automotive parts inspection is another inspection of the many fine and shiny parts inside the cover casing of a control component used in the automotive industry. The inspection is carried out using 3D technology.

The following items were inspected:​

  • inspection of the presence of the sensor, the presence of the three steel wires (sensor legs) and the correctness of the clamping of these legs in the welding process of the components,

  • inspection of the presence (or absence depending on the reference) of capacitors inserted in the plastic sockets, the presence and position of the steel wires of the capacitors and the correctness of their crimping during welding,

  • inspection of the presence and correct position of the pins feeding the circuit,

  • inspection of the presence and correct position of the seal placed around the cover. 


A 3D laser scanner was used to take a point cloud. In this application, the decision was made for an LMI-branded Gocator 2330 scanner, with a resolution and field of view that best matched the specified inspection parameters. The repeatability of measurements in the X and Y axes was achieved at a level of 0.075 mm and in the Z axis at a level of 0.02 mm.

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