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3D inspection of a plastic element with a seal

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We would like to present one of the applications made by the MV Center Vision Systems Company using 3D technology. The described project consisted in the selection of hardware, inspection software and integration of the vision system with the production line.

The application consists of inspecting the correctness of assembly of a plastic component with a seal, at two assembly stations within one workstation. The following items were inspected:​

  • inspection of the presence and correct clamping of the seal lugs on the plastic element,

  • inspection of correct adhesion of the seal to the plastic part,

  • inspection of the presence and correct crimping of the mounting clip of the plug,

  • inspection of the presence and type of plug, depending on the selected reference,

  • inspection of the conformity of the symbols placed on the plastic element and the seal with the symbols specified in the reference.

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with a seal.

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