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Vision inspection of nails.

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The vision system for nail inspection was designed and built from scratch for one of the largest nail factories in Poland. Nails joined by wire are inspected. The purpose of the inspection is to inspect the nails in terms of:

  • the length of the nail - accuracy +/- 1 mm,

  • the angle of the nail - accuracy +/- 1 degree

  • the curvature of the nail - accuracy +/- 0.5 mm

  • the diameter of the nail - accuracy +/- 0.2 mm

  • spacing between nails fastened on the wire

  • the sharpening of the nail - information on the presence of OK/NOK

  • head shape - accuracy +/- 0.2.


The capacity of the production devices is approximately 2,500 nails per minute.

Inspection of the ribbon with nails. 

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