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Vision system for the inspection of safe prickers.

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The purpose of the system is to control the correctness of the safe pricker used in the insulin delivery devices

at various stages of production. The system consists of 3 stations where the inspection of 20 parts on a pallet is carried out simultaneously. The workstations are set up according to their position on the machine:

  • Workstation 1 - inspection of cannula height, cannula tilt, flash inspection

  • Workstation 2 - inspection of cannula tip - detection of so-called ‘hooks’

  • Workstation 3 - glue check, glue check on body, glue detection on cannula 


The system is equipped with an operator panel that enables, for example, the display of inspection results with pictures taken, the display of statistics (overall, individual nests or pallets), the display of pictures of rejected pieces or changes to the vision inspection settings.

Find out more about vision inspection of safe prickers.

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