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Rozbudowane stanowisko wizji maszynowej

Label inspection.

Checking the labels on the packaging and the sealing correctness. 

Detection of correct positio-ning in collective packaging - robot control

Checking the correctness of the closure of the collective pac-kaging and the collective label

Inspection of surface quality, candle flooding and wick seating. Detection of bubbles and surface irregularities Inspection of labels.

Detection of damage to bottle glass edges after depalletising

Example of inspection of a scented candle production process 

High-end machine vision. 

We specialise in the design and construction of advanced vision systems to individual customer requirements, based on intelligent cameras and powerful embedded systems.

An example of this is the complex control of the production process of millions of scented candles.

Welcome in third dimension!

Although the control of two-dimensional objects accounts for the majority of implementations, the addition of the third poses entirely new engineering challenges. 

We build systems capable of catching dimensional error in any direction, cracks, nicks, scratches and cavities regardless of which side of the object they are on. Our systems can also detect incompleteness of the component being checked, which is particularly important

when assembling complex components.

Palletising, random bin picking, random bag moving.

Another challenge is the automation of the palletising / depalletising process or the picking / unpicking of collective packaging, where the system must faultlessly recognise the correct object and the robotic arm must move it according to strictly defined parameters. 
Objects packed in foil or bags with a glossy structure and irregular shape require particular attention.

An example of machine vision implementation in depalletizing

How can our solutions help you?

Advanced machine vision works well in the following cases:

linia mvc.jpg

Comprehensive production process control, elimination of shortages and process monitoring.

Palletising and working with robots.

Order picking in automated warehouses working with robots.


Random Bin Picking - selecting randomly oriented items from a bin and feeding them into the further process.

Data collection in the production process  

Our vision systems also offer extensive options for collecting data from inspections carried out (saving of photos, inspection results with product ID to PDF or csv files).
Photo and parametric databases can be shared with interested internal departments and external partners. 
What is more, they can also serve as a strong argument in possible disputes with business partners on issues concerning the quality of the products supplied to them.
Thus, the data that vision systems provide not only serves quality control departments, but is also a valuable source of information about one's own product as a sum of the parameters of its production process. 

Our customers can always count on our full support in the implementation of innovative solutions that not only play a control role, but become part of the MES system.

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