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Vision inspection of aluminium castings.

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The project involved the creation of a semi-automatic robotic inspection station for aluminium castings. The project used an ABB robot together with a KEYENCE XG-2200 vision system and specialised OPTO-ENGINEERING optics. The inspection task is to indicate:


  • the presence of an insert in the casting

  • knocking out the mounting element of the insert

  • skipping of the last reel of the insert during knockout

  • presence of rivets

  • colour/size of the mounted rivets 


The workpiece is placed in one of the two slots, by the operator, while inspection is carried out using a camera on the robot arm. Inspection time for the entire workpiece is approximately 30 sec. A major challenge of the project was the numerous contaminated holes in the form of aluminium chips and hairs. However, thanks to the solutions used, the inspection goes off without any problems.

An interesting element of the software is the data browsing application - the operator is able to view photos from a given shift (OK details only or NOK only) by searching by inspection date or part ID. The software allows the operator to view photos of each piece from each inspection. In addition, the system is equipped with the Master Parts - Poka Yoke function, which makes it possible to verify the system 2x per shift.

I want to learn more about aluminium casting inspection.

Thank you for reporting!

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