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Vision control of 3D glasses.

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For one customer, 3 workstations were created for the vision control of 3D glasses used in cinemas. Each workstation is equipped with 7 Datalogic cameras with the following tasks:

  • inspection of scratches and mechanical damage to the plastic frames of the glasses

  • inspection of print/logo quality on each earpiece

  • inspection of damage/dirt/inclusions on lenses and frames (defects at a size of 0.5 mm)

  • inspection of the curvature/deformation of the spectacles lenses (minimum 5 mm diameter)

  • inspection of correct polarisation of each lens

  • inspection of correct fitting of the earpieces (inspection of earpiece breakage/position and angle of opening of the glasses). 


The entire system is contained within a single compact and built-in station integrated into the customer's conveyor belt. Inspection results are transmitted to the master control system and displayed on operator panels.

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