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Competence and experience.

We have been working together for more than a dozen years and what we do has become our passion. Together, we have carried out hundreds of projects for various industries, amassing a powerful body of experience along the way.

Today, we are one of the best teams of specialists in the construction of advanced vision systems in Poland, and our competence is confirmed by the projects we have completed and the opinions our customers give us.

We take the investment risk on ourselves.

We admit that the headline is somewhat provocative, but we are one of the few teams in Poland with our own laboratory. This allows us to test the systems we build in-house even at the quotation stage, which does not change the fact that we also test them in production conditions. 

We are therefore certain that the proposed solutions work 100% before the customer makes an investment decision. 
For the customer, this is of paramount importance, because when implementing the system, they can be sure that the proposed solutions really work. 

Better to ask the way than to go astray

As you can see, we do not have an automatic service quote sheet, and this is for two reasons:

  • Even if you are a specialist in your industry, you don't necessarily know anything about ours, and this can cause misunderstandings at such an early stage.

  • If you already know a thing or two about machine vision, you don't necessarily know the solutions we can offer you, which is why an automatic quote can be very far from reality. 


Therefore, take advantage of a free consultation and our team will first identify your problem and then propose a solution.

Sales and customer support

Kornek Leczek

Kornel Łęczek 
sales engineer

+48 690 029 794

Engineering department

Jakub Wojcik  
project manager

+48 669 909 509

Pawel Janczyk 

project manager

+48 669 209 109


Wiktor Łęczek  

technical manager

+48 669 725 705

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