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Inspection of EGR pipe geometry in 3D space.

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MV Center Vision Systems engineers have compiled a semi-automatic EGR pipe geometry measurement station. The stand was equipped with a rotary table with mounting socket and cage for the precision (+/- 0.02 mm positioning accuracy) MITSUBISHI RV-7FLM robot.

An execution entity for the measurement - a GOCATOR 2340 3D scanner - was installed on the robot effector. The task of the system:

  • inspection of the quality of the incoming and outgoing flanges of the pipe (flatness inspection),

  • the position of embossments on the pipe in relation to the measuring base (entrance flange),

  • inspection of the position of the mounting items (hooks, clamps, pressure probe) in 3D space in relation to the same base,

  • control of the position of the input flange surface to the output flange;


The cycle time of the stand is approximately 60 seconds, during which measurements are taken at more than 20 reference points and 3 surfaces (flanges + handle) are scanned. The bench supports 3 references, each workpiece is marked with an individual QR code and a measurement report is generated in PDF format. NOK workpieces are locked in the superordinate system and must be deposited by the operator in a special shortage area.

Find out more about checking the geometry of the EGR pipe
in 3D space.

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