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Visual inspection of car seat profiles.

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PRE-PAIRING INSPECTION OF CAR SEAT GUIDES. The task of the vision system at the profile steaming station is to check whether the operator has inserted the correct profile reference (female and male profile) into the steaming machine. The following are checked:

  • the presence of items such as pins, holes

  • profile (left/right check),

  • brake position (US and EU version), 


In the event of a negative inspection by the vision system, the pairing operation is interrupted and the defective piece inserted is blocked
in the machine until it is released by the operator. The system software is equipped with a PokaYoke control module, which is responsible for checking that the station works correctly when changing to a new reference. The station is equipped with a touchscreen operator panel,

which displays, for example:


  • preview of the current inspection (current inspection images)

  • preview of inspection parameters (status of individual tools, conformity with the reference in %. Marking of relevant items on the images in red/green depending on the inspection result)

  • view statistics of the current inspection

  • access to photographs of defective components

  • possibility to edit software (after logging in at the appropriate access level),


Thanks to the Internet connection, the station was covered by remote technical support, which streamlined the implementation of the station in a critical production process

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