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Visual inspection of decorative candles.

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For a leading manufacturer of decorative candles, we developed a complex, multi-stage system for product inspection. Datalogic and Keyence components were used in the project. Decorative products are subjected to detailed inspection for aesthetic qualities - such as correct printing, central wick position (accuracy of up to 1 mm and 5 degrees of deviation), correct pouring (even up to 1 mm in height) or mechanical damage. 

In addition, features such as the correctness of the label - both its position and correct data or the correctness of the barcode - are inspected. The system is equipped with a functional operator panel. It enables:

  • Display of inspection results and images,

  • Display of general and detailed statistics on rejected pieces,

  • Display of the images of last rejected pieces,

  • Management of AOI settings,


 If the system detects a defect, the candle is removed from the line using a pneumatic ejector.

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