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Vision inspection of the piston rod and thread of an automotive shock absorber.

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Together with our partner S.C Solutions for one of the leaders in the automotive industry, we designed, supplied
and implemented a system for inspecting threads and shock absorber pistons. The built device was integrated into the customer's automated line and performs 100% inspection of all products for:

1.       damage to the piston rod thread coils (whipping, pulling out, grinding, breakage),

2.       incorrectly produced HEX/TORX holes in the piston rod face (missing hole, double hole, incorrectly produced hole) 


The station is equipped with a piston rod positioning system and a drive system that allows the position of the head of the vision system to be adjusted to the current reference. Inspection results are archived at the station and sent to a host system to maintain treaceability.

Find out more about vision inspection of piston rod and automotive shock absorber threads.

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