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Visual inspection of light bulbs.

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The project was carried out for one of the largest bulb and lamp manufacturers in Poland. The system's task is the inspection of the correctness of the product manufacture and the correctness of the printing on the bulb component. The system consists of a single station equipped with four cameras and eight illuminators. Each camera is responsible for inspecting one of the four sides of the part located on a conveyor. After inspection, the cameras transmit information about the defects detected to the PLC (a total of 15 OK/NOK results). The following are subject to control:

• Angle X of the electrode
• Electrode milling
• Pinch presence
• Angle Y of the electrode
• Presence of front printing
• Presence of scale clamps
• Presence of domino marking
• Presence of rear printing

User interface of the vision system for bulb inspection. 

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